About Us

We are bringing conversational AI to healthcare. Our platform is used by enterprise-class customers to reimagine the way they interact with patients.

Our Mission

We are transforming patient engagement across the healthcare industry by giving hospital systems and life sciences companies advanced conversational technology to interact with patients where they spend their time — messaging on mobile devices. Our technology turns the smartphone into the next-generation healthcare worker, capable of handling complex workflows at unlimited scale.

The Limits of Web Sites and Apps

Information technology has come a long way, but successful user engagement has proven to be a surprisingly daunting last-mile challenge. Healthcare is complicated and the digital tools offered to patients reflect that, which results in low adoption and satisfaction. Delivering digital patient experiences remains a strategic priority, but the healthcare industry needs to reimagine patient-facing technology. The challenge remains: How do we make the complex exceedingly simple, exceedingly intuitive?

Conversations: The Ultimate Human Interface

It turns out that the simplest, most intuitive human interface is a conversation. It’s natural, requires no training, is infinitely flexible, self-directed, and responsive. With smartphone adoption rates approaching 90%, the opportunity to engage in conversation-based information exchanges is in the palms of everyone’s hands. Today, any human with a mobile phone can converse with complex IT systems with ease, and immediately, by relying on smart, context-aware digital assistants.

The Technology is Transformational

The technology for enabling conversational AI will transform consumer engagement strategies across every industry sector, but it will have an especially profound impact on process-centric customer care industries. Like Healthcare.

Conversational AI not only closes a service gap, it improves the quality of the service itself while also providing the engagement horsepower to scale up service operations profitably. Digital assistants carry the encoded protocols, orders, and best practices to the patient in the form of smart, engaging conversations.

Importantly, conversational AI technology doesn’t replace human expertise and services, it augments care teams by taking on all of the redundant, high-volume processes. Companies that are taking advantage of this powerful new technology are transforming the patient experience, and dramatically improving customer service across the board.