Conversational Solutions

Improve patient engagement, automate workflows, and deliver real outcomes.

Patients are on their phones more than ever, but they no longer answer unknown calls and don’t want more apps. Lifelink Systems delivers intuitive, consumer-grade chatbot experiences that are mobile, browser-based, and secure.

Drive high activation rates — no downloads or passwords needed
Personalize interactions using patient records and conversation history
Eliminate IT learning curves with intuitive, language-based conversations
Tune strategies with ongoing A/B testing and optimization

Long development cycles plague many digital engagement projects. Lifelink Systems is built to scale quickly — from simple FAQ chatbots to complex, integrated clinical flows — in weeks, not months. Constant, real-time A/B testing supports continuous engagement design and value optimization.

Configure conversation scripts and data models, no coding required
Leverage flexible components to deliver customized conversations
Unify dozens of engagement opportunities across the organization
Use out-of-the-box testing to improve experience over time


Products that enable seamless engagement across the care continuum for the industry’s largest and most innovative hospital systems.

  • Digital Front Door
  • Clinical Intake & Prep
  • Emergency Department Concierge
  • Perioperative
  • Referral Management


Products that enable high-scale, high-touch engagement for leading manufacturers and services organizations.

  • Medical Information Desks
  • Benefits Verification & Prior Authorization
  • Education & Adherence Programs
  • Patient Reported Outcomes

Clinical Research

Products that enable conversational trial enrollment, participation, and adherence for researchers and clinical research organizations.

  • Trial Enrollment & Consent
  • Trial Engagement & Adherence
  • Patient Reported Outcomes
  • Remote Clinical Trials