Conversational AI is the Future
 of Healthcare.

Healthcare at a tipping point

Healthcare accounts for 18% of the US economy. 65% of its customers — patients — believe their providers could do a better job of engaging them. More than half share experiences online and the reviews speak for themselves. Hospitals rank below most other service industries on Yelp, at 2.4 stars out of 5.

Average yelp rating for hospitals: 2.4
Solution: mobile yes, apps no

With 85% of adults owning smartphones, the world has clearly gone mobile. Apps, however, are not the answer.


Adoption Rate 2%

There are around 318,000 mobile health apps on the market, but only 2% of patients engage with hospital apps.


Retention Rate 10%

Only 10% of an app’s users use the app 30 days after download, and users delete one app for every new one they get.


Time Outside Core Apps 12%

People are downloading fewer apps and consolidating app usage, with only 12% of their time spent outside just five core apps.

The rise of digital assistants

93% of us are texting, and 98% of text messages are opened. It’s convenient, intuitive, and doesn’t require training or downloading. Language is the preferred user interface. 

Text messaging in healthcare

Meet patients where they
 are, with a conversation.

People aren’t only texting friends and family — 90% also want to text businesses. Healthcare providers that augment human expertise with smart, digital assistants will transform the patient experience and they’ll do it on the platform consumers prefer — their mobile phones.

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Most people also want to text businesses
Say hello to virtual health assistants

Healthcare’s patient workflows are defined, repeatable, and primed for automation. Here are a few examples of how virtual health assistants are improving healthcare: 

Improve the ED experience from
check-in to post-discharge.

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Improve the waiting room experience
with virtual check-in and intake.

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Help find doctors and make

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Simplify dense, complex therapy
information for patients and HCPs.

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